Jodie van Til

Therapeutic Life Coach
Clients contact me when they need fast effective results with relationship re-thinks, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma events and grief

Life changing conversations that leave you feeling clearer, hopeful

and able to know what the next step is 

For a no-charge 15-minute first conversation to discuss how I can support you, call or email me today  |  0771 426 2778

"You are braver than you believe,
stronger than you imagine,
and smarter than you think"

During Covid -19

When it comes to the effects of Covid -19 we all have our own unique experiences. There may be lots of things you are feeling right now, and they are all valid. For help and support during this period of change and adjustment contact me. I am currently working online, via telephone, and also via email/text coaching.


One - to - One Sessions

Therapy rooms are spacious, easily accommodating a 3-metre plus distance between clients with windows that can be open for ventilation. Hand sanitisers are provided and rooms are cleaned and sanitised between sessions.


What You're Feeling

Why you’re here

  • Are you where you want to be?

  • Is your life sometimes a lonely place where you feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward?

  • Could your relationships be deeper, more rewarding, and more meaningful?

  • Do you find yourself dwelling on the past and worried about the future?

  • Have you accomplished all you thought you would by now?

  • Do you want the courage to be able to join in, speak out, and pursue new relationships?

  • Are you enjoying the lifestyle, travel, weekends, and leisure pursuits you’ve always dreamed of?

  • Do you want a more fulfilling career or to be more financially secure?

  • Do you doubt yourself and lack the ability to believe in yourself anymore?  

  • Do your good intentions stall into procrastination, not really knowing what it is you need to do to achieve your goals?

Empowering you to:


  • Gain greater clarity over what you really want from your life – personally and professionally

  • Build better relationships

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

  • Overcome the limiting self-beliefs, releasing you from fear and doubt

  • Establish a life balance that promotes mind body and soul well-being

  • Find a greater sense of ownership over self

  • Improve in a specific area of life or a set of behaviours

  • Feel more confident in your talents and gifts – deep awareness of what you have to offer     

  • Increase performance and effectiveness in your work life, feel empowered, present and seek the promotion you desire

  • Push through creative blocks

  • Exercise your individuality - depart from what is ordinary, usual or expected

  • Be doing more in less time through improved home organisation and time management

  • Anxiety

  • Abuse

  • Dating/Relationships

  • Separation

  • Blended Families

  • Insecurity

  • Impostor Syndrome

  • Jealousy

  • Work-Related Stress

  • Affairs/Infidelity

  • Overwhelm

  • Heartbreak

  • Successful Divorce

  • Bullying

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Loneliness

  • Rekindling Relationships

  • Parenting

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Health

  • Burnout

  • Trauma

  • Career Change

  • Low Self-Confidence

  • Menopause

  • Loss/Bereavement

  • Retirement

 I Can Help

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For a no-charge 15-minute first conversation to discuss how I can support you, call or email me today

Therapy Session
What You Get
From Me
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About Me

Nice to meet you, I'm Jodie

After going through an extremely difficult time in my personal life I experienced emotional and physical symptoms that left me feeling drained of energy and completely stuck. There was a loss of meaning in my life, and I struggled to stay on top of things both at home and work. Enter coaching.

I took on the services of a magnificent Coach who helped me get clear on what I really wanted, showing me techniques that brought me calmness and much needed head space, and giving me the tools I needed to achieve my goals. The numerous life enhancements I experienced from being expertly coached lifted me upwards and forwards and I knew from the moment my life turned a corner I wanted to do the same for others.

As a practitioner of therapeutic coaching I bring with me years of professional, coaching, mentoring and life experience. Prior to my advancement into Personal Coaching my career was built upon Individual Personal Development and Safeguarding specialisms within Public Sector areas and spanned 20 years in Social Care, Police, Secondary and Further Education.

I am AC Accredited, and as a registered Member of Association of Coaching I abide by their code of ethics. I meet the Association of Coaching CPD requirement and ensure my training providers are accredited by AC/BACP coaching associations. 

  • Therapeutic Coaching Diploma - NCFE Accredited

  • Counselling Diploma Level 3 - CPCAB​

  • Human Givens Institute - Stress and Mental Health,
    Anger Management, Depression Therapy,
    Couples Therapy and Addiction Therapy

  • Relationship Counselling Certificate – Relate

  • Cruse Bereavement and Grief Counselling

  • Career Development CDI Diploma

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Before your support the intensity of grief was overwhelming, but now I have been able to take a step back and gain perspective. I can feel the happiness returning to my life, like I can finally breathe again

Matt, 26


Book a Clarity Call Today

I work one-to-one, over the phone or online.

Contact me now to arrange a no-charge 15-minute first conversation

to help you decide if you’d like us to move forward and work together.

Reaching out for support during difficult and challenging times can be scary and make you feel vulnerable but I would urge you to take this initial step and get in touch. You may be unsure if this is the right time to invest in coaching, but my advice would be to ask yourself the question; how much is it worth to finally feel happy and content with my life? And how much is it worth to know you are finally where you wanted to be, not just going through the motions and merely existing but having desire, design, meaning and direction.

Helping you live your life by design, not default

Jodie van Til


Tel: 07714262778

Mon - Fri: 8am - 9pm

​​Sat - Sun: 8am - 2pm​

Treatment rooms in Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring, Leighton Buzzard

Session Price


£60 - 60 minute session

£90 - 90 minute session 


Other treatment packages available upon request